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On Raising an Easy Child

People often remark on what an amazing child Gulabo is. I respond saying she has always been chilled out, or easy. They ask if she sleeps 'through the night,' and I respond that she's doing really well; she sleeps all that she can be expected to. I'm asked if she throws tantrums, and I say:… Continue reading On Raising an Easy Child

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Montessori Education: What Does It Even Mean?

We’ve all seen the tear jerkers like Taare Zameen Par, where children are hurt by India’s rigid educational system and their parents’ traditional approaches to learning. We’ve been moved to tears by every IIT/IIM alum on earth deciding they were pressured into going that route and deciding to write books instead (why God, whyyyy?). So… Continue reading Montessori Education: What Does It Even Mean?