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Gender in the Playroom

As parents, we can be aware of our own implicit biases and try to ensure our children grow up with a more open approach to the things around them. For that to happen though, we have to truly let go of our biases. Telling my daughter she can't have things which are pink or girly is as counterproductive as ONLY giving her those things in the first place. I believe as a parent, it's my job to expose G to everything possible - the girlish, the boyish, the neutral - and let her pick whatever she wants. Only then can she truly make an unbiased choice. Anyway, these labels 'boyish', 'for girls,' and so on, are human constructs. Toys, clothes, and colours are not designed gendered. It's our biases that make them so. All things are, in theory, for everyone.

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Montessori Says: My Key Takeaways from ‘The Child In the Family’

Parents & teachers from G's school meet monthly to discuss sections of Dr. Maria Montessori's writing. We started with chapters 2, 3, 8 & 9 of 'The Child in the Family.' It's a (relatively) easy introduction to Montessori concepts at home. A couldn't make it to the meet so I created this cheat sheet for… Continue reading Montessori Says: My Key Takeaways from ‘The Child In the Family’

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Montessori Education: What Does It Even Mean?

We’ve all seen the tear jerkers like Taare Zameen Par, where children are hurt by India’s rigid educational system and their parents’ traditional approaches to learning. We’ve been moved to tears by every IIT/IIM alum on earth deciding they were pressured into going that route and deciding to write books instead (why God, whyyyy?). So… Continue reading Montessori Education: What Does It Even Mean?