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Gulabo’s Snackbox: Week 2

This is my first full week of school snackboxes. By midweek, I’m ready for Friday. Maybe I should stop letting my toddler decide the menu each day? She has exotic tastes. Here’s what Gulabo took to school in week two.


Monday: Potato Wedges + Zucchini Noodles

Tuesday: Broccoli/Babycorn + Makhana

Wednesday: Carrot/Cucumber Sticks + Hummus

Thursday: Cucumber/Pineapple Salad + Paneer Cheese Toasties

Friday: Apple Slices + Rajma Salad

Here’s an easily downloadable image if you want to save these ideas. Paneer cheese toasties, since I was asked, are just bits of mozarella melted onto paneer slices that have been sauteed in ghee. < That, is my idea of a recipe. It’s why I don’t even try 🙂 But I’m always happy to answer questions if you can’t find a reliable recipe for anything!


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