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Gulabo’s Snackbox: Week 1

It’s the first day of school, and I’m up at 5am like a diligent amma. I chop, I prep, I’m a human machine. I’m so glad tomorrow’s a holiday because I don’t think I could do it all over again 😀 Her going to school makes me rediscover how special Fridays are. Thank god for weekends!

Here’s what Gulabo took to school in her dabbas in week one.


Monday: Babycorn + Oats Cutlet

Tuesday: Holiday!

Wednesday: Carrot Sticks + Lavash & Hummus

Thursday: Pomegranate, Grapes + Makhana

Friday: Corn, Guacamole + Cheese Parathas


Here’s an easily downloadable image if you want to save these ideas. Sorry I’m an instinctive cook and have no recipes, but I’m happy to answer questions if you can’t find a reliable recipe for anything!




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